Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New study from the Institute of No Shit Sherlock

WSJ - paid sick leave reduces flu transmission. Quote:

Everyone knows staying home from work when you have the flu helps protect your co-workers from getting sick.

Just as an aside, it also helps protect your older relatives who don't even go to work but are still exposed to the flu, and who are much more likely to die from it. But please continue:

Unfortunately, not everyone does it.

A new National Bureau of Economic Research paper argues that one reason for that is access to paid sick leave. The paper by Stefan Pichler and Nicolas R. Ziebarth argues that the general flu rate “decreases significantly” when employees have access to paid time off due to illness. It also found that more people play hooky, or stay home when they aren’t actually contagious.

Unlike most industrialized countries, U.S. workers are not guaranteed pay when they take off from work due to an illness. Messrs. Pichler and Ziebarth say half of American workers don’t have access to paid sick leave.

In the U.S., the fight over access to paid sick leave has largely been about income inequality. Labor Department data from 2015 shows that only around 31% of the lowest-earning quarter of private-sector workers had access to paid sick leave, while 84% of the highest-earning quarter did.

And is this just a sad result of 19th-century economic orthodoxy? No:

While some cities and states have implemented sick leave schemes, there has been a simultaneous effort by some Republican-dominated state legislatures to preemptively ban cities from implementing rights to paid sick leave.

Yup, as we can see, it's active class warfare by a party that intends to do whatever it takes to put the boots to working people with every action.

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